WD-40 is NOT lube.

I was visiting the community bike shop, Free Cycles Missoula last weekend and while there I took a picture of a sticker they had posted next to their bicycle lube station. It read, “WD-40 is not lube”. For the cycle wrenching geeks out there this statement will give you a bit of a laugh. For those not into the joke do a bit of Googling so that you too can become a future bike geek.

I liked the sticker so when I got home I pointed my web browser to the link that was printed below the slogan and found out that the folks that printed the sticker, WorldsBestBikeStickers.com were clearly bike geeks and have a whole host of nifty stickers not only for your bicycle but also for your – *gasp* – car as well. Here are a few of their stickers that I like.