My Grandfather Fishing – Circa 1940

My grandmother passed away recently having outlived my grandfather by over a decade. Upon her passing I found myself pondering the ways they shaped my life and in particular my love for the outdoors. My grandmother was a school teacher during her working career and my grandfather managed a local grocery store in their medium sized Wisconsin town. Much like many other Midwesterners they spent their weekends camping, fishing, and hunting. A love for the out of doors was a passion they spread to their daughter (my mother) and on to me. Memories of camping at the family property in Northern Wisconsin and countless road trips all over the country are some of my fondest. I miss my grandparents dearly but am able to find appreciation in the fact that my mother and father are carrying on the tradition in educating their grandchildren – my nieces – in the ways of the woods.

Grandpa Stan fishing, ca. 1940
Grandpa Stan fishing, ca. 1940


A sunset over certain landscapes results in very powerful feelings. The sun, as it dips into and below the horizon moves a person – moves them right down to their soul. It represents a certain finality, but deep within there is a known rebirth that comes with the break of day.

I recently visited the Great Lakes region of the U.S. on a vacation visiting my family and my girlfriend’s family and had lots of opportunity to take stock in my life and my future. The photo above, taken by my girlfriend is very special as it represents that although the sun always sets it will too also always rise.

Superior Hiking Trail, Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sonju Lake, May 2005

From my Trail Journal, Sunday, 2005-05-08, Sonju Lake

The sun hangs in the sky, lazy. The choir of creatures surrounding me don’t mind me being here and have just struck up a tune. A choir with tens of thousands of players, no composer and no sheet music. A jazz combo of epic proportions. The first few mosquitos of the summer buzz solo parts in my ear. They are huge.