GORUCK Selection 2014

* Warning, video contains some cursing.


As some of my readers are aware I am employed by the American gear manufacturer, GORUCK.  We are a multi-faceted company that both builds extremely durable and high quality gear in America as well as the operators of an array of endurance and team building events that last from four hours up to 48+ hours and take place every weekend all over the world.  I have personally participated in our GORUCK Challenge and GORUCK Light events which I can rightly say put ones body to the test.  During our Challenge our team traveled nearly 20 miles over the course of 14 hours.


Not all of our events are about team building.  Our hardest – GORUCK Selection – is all about 100% selfish perseverance in the face of punishing beat down.  Participants will move in excess of 80 miles under great physical duress, with very limited caloric intake, and rest.  The event will last a minimum of 48 hours and the for nearly the entirety of that, the GORUCK Cadre (all former or active Special Forces operators) will make it their goal to force you to quit.  The event was designed by operators and is based on the standards of Special Forces Assessment and Selection course in the armed forces.


GORUCK Selection 2014 takes place in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and begins Thursday, Oct. 9 at 13:00 EST and will include live updates via the GORUCK news blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Winning Entry in TheBackpackerTV Video Contest

Recently TheBackpackerTV held their Fall Video Contest in which I entered a short I had created about the Parcour de Wild myself and Matt Lutz embarked upon in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Amongst the entries in the contest mine was chosen as the winner and yesterday I received the handsome contest-winning loot – – a gorgeous Flip MinoHD with custom graphics.

TheBackpackerTV is home to a ton of great, user-submitted videos about backpacking and backpacking gear. It’s easy for anyone to add their own videos and to become part of TheBackpackerTV Community so click a link from this post and head over and check them out. Here is the winning entry to the contest if you missed my blog post highlighting it.

Everybody Blogs

Everyone is very much so into checking the latest RSS feed of all their favorite friends and online heroes so I decided I’d best enter the blogging world for real. Although I’ve played around with blogs for quite some time now I finally decided to incorporate one into my Web site.