Getting “MoreBadasser” with Xtracycle

Recently Xtracycle Bikes put the call out for submittals for a contest they were calling Morebadasser. They were deliberately open-ended in their definition for what the contest would entail…

…we are calling on those that can emulate the concept of morebadasser in video format to noodle on and create a short (15-30sec) video of why Xtracycles are the kings at badasserness.

Anyone who has been reading this blog or who follows my Twitter feed knows I spend a fair amount of time riding bicycles and a fair amount of that time is spent hauling stuff on bicycles. I entered a couple videos into the contest, one was of a bunch of my friends helping me do a bike move and the other was a friend and I racing a cyclocross race. Both of these videos featured the beautiful FreeRadical kits from Xtracycle.

They didn’t get many entries to the contest – two to be exact – both from me, but I have it on good word that I probably would have won anyway because my cyclocross video was just that much morebadasser than anything that could have gotten entered.

The idea behind MoreBadasser is stated in the phrase, “If you have to ask, you ain’t.” It is prominently displayed on an embroidered hat alongside a graphic of a longtail cargo bike. Check one out for yourself at the website.