Gear Lists

The gear lists below are designed to meet the needs of the various types of trips I take. All are designed to be lightweight and/or ultralight gear lists. Some are lighter, some are heavier depending on my needs for durability, safety and comfort. Note the overall weights of all lists are low but include such items as a camera (luxury) and insulating layers (safety).

Summer Backpacking

This is my standard mountain backpacking kit for three seasons in Montana.  It’s a balance of lightweight and enjoyment.  The actual items listed here can vary depending on my whims of packing but this is a pretty good list representative of what I’d take.

Long Distance Backpacking

The long distance list was created primarily for my thru-hike of the 1200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail and therefore contains all elements necessary for survival for periods up to nine days.  If I were to do another thru hike this list would change significantly but in 2007 this was what I carried.

Sub Five Pound Backpacking

This list is essentially my most minimal. It is for backpacking in mild climates when temps aren’t expected to drop below 50 deg F and where water is plentiful.

Winter Backpacking

The winter list is to be taken when there is snow and/or temperatures below freezing. It includes a beefy sleeping pad and bag (essential for cold temps) as well as extra insulating layers.

Backcountry Hunting List

The following is a set of gear designed for a late Summer, early Fall trip deep into the mountains in pursuit of elk and deer. Gear must be light as I’ll be on the move the entire time but strong enough to allow for packing out large amounts of game meat.