Moving by Bike – 2011

In 2009 I had the idea to do an apartment move using only a bicycle. I started out with just a bike and a trailer and made some decent progress but knew that some “bigger guns” were necessary to really get the job done. I borrowed my buddy Mason’s bucket bike, a Madsen, as well as his DIY trailer. With that rig I was really able to get some hauling done and I successfully moved everything I owned under my own power.
The following year my lease was up again and when the time came to move I prepared my stuff carefully, boxing it all so that I could invite some good friends over (all whom have access to longtail cargo bikes) for a couple hauling trips. We moved the majority of my stuff in just two trips (there were around six people present).
Fast forward to 2011. My lease is up again and I’ve got other bike moves under my belt as well as a few bike moves helping other friends. My roomate opts to do his move by bike this year as well so we start boxing and e-mailing friends. He and I start hauling loads of his stuff on weekday mornings but I leave all of my stuff for one evening when I’ve invited a half dozen folks over to help.
There are still a few things left to move but the I’ve collected some video along the way and made a short film for bike nerds to enjoy. ┬áIf you’re reading this blog post through e-mail or an RSS reader be sure to click the link to see the video.