Things Are Warming Up

Adam skins across the creek.

Adam skins across the creek.

The chickadees can be heard calling out to potential mates with their mating call, the once pristine piles of snow in town have been reduced to hunks of dirty, gritty ice, and the snow line is visibly moving upward from the valley toward the mountain tops.  For those willing to walk the ski season is far from over however.  With the intense snow fall of March there is still a very, very deep snowpack in the high country.  Getting there provides for some adventure however as you can see in the photo here.

  • See, my head is full of summer trips now but last month I was skiing in the Arctic and today I found some new skis in a sale that I’ve been lusting over all winter. Maybe there is room for one more lap on the planks.

    • Anonymous

      I could just as easily have gone backpacking, road biking, or hiking as I did splitboarding. I love this time of year!