Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park – Summit Peak Loop

This trip took place October 6th – 8th, 2007

My buddy Mark and I have been backpacking together for the past seven years or so and in 2007 we planned a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (c’mon up to da U.P., eh!).  The Upper Peninsula or UP as it’s commonly referred to is home to some nice wildland – particularly Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.  We planned for a four day weekend and did a great – albeit rainy – loop within the confines of the park. 

Our trip route was:

  • N. Mirror Lake Trail
  • Little Carp River Trail
  • Lake Superior Trai
  • Big Carp River Trail

I was very pleased with how the photos Mark and I took that weekend turned out.  The fall colors and wet landscape came together for some very soft and pleasing imagery.  Following are a few of my favorites.  View the entire set within the pages of my Porcupine Mountains set on Flickr. 


Sam on a rock

Fall colors

Sun and water

Mark, Sam, jackasses

  • Mark Roberts

    Funny – I was just up there last week. Posting a trip report soon…

  • samh

    Mark, I subscribed to your blog a couple weeks ago so I look forward to the report.

  • Joe Newton

    My favourite time of year. No bugs, more colour, my birthday! Beautiful pictures Sam.

  • megan

    How many miles was the total trip? Where along the route did you setup camp?

    • Hi Megan, the route we hiked was 21 miles and we did it in three days. Our first camp was at Mirror Lake and the second was on Lake Superior.

      • megan

        Thanks for the information!