Horace Dall (1901-1986) of Luton, England made the inaugural overland journey through the Sprengisandur wilderness of Iceland by bicycle in 1933.  Along the way he kept a photo journal of his trials and tribulations with written descriptions on the backs of the photos.  One that seems to describe the journey well is, 

“The first day gave a taste of the rough stuff – rocks, gullies, sand and swamps, and I quickly realised that my hopes of making thirty percent use of the bicycle were to be disappointed.”

Mr. Dall traveled with no tent, just a sleeping bag to protect him from the elements.  For nutrition he carried very simple foods including sucrose and pemmican.  His only assistance along the journey came at the very start where he made use of a boat to cross the large river putting him into the wilderness.  From there it was a seven day trip, five days of which he saw no one else.  

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