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“Stay Home”, a presentation proving that adventure doesn’t need to require passports and plane tickets.  All that is necessary is to walk out your door, hop on your bike, and head outside for the night.  The Surly blog presents bike camping at all the Minnesota State Parks.  Read more >>>

Moonrise over the Absaroka Beartooth and Northern Gallatins photo: samh

“Is it possible to piece together an unpaved bikepacking route across the US, primarily on gravel and dirt? Apparently it is, and these two cyclists are on a mission to prove it…”   Read the whole story >>

I am the father of a seven month old so opportunities to get out into the backcountry are precious these days.  I don’t want to miss out on time with my baby and wife but I also don’t want to miss out on nights spent in the mountains either so last evening I threw myContinue Reading

Exceptional effort by these three who took the podium in the 2015 Tour Divide bikepacking race.  First place: Josh Kato (center), second place: Jay Petervary (left), and third place: Neil Beltchenko (right).  Photo by JMH.

Sketch taken from a page of Bernard Magnouloux’s Travels with Rosinante a journal of a five year, 48,000 mile bicycle trip around the globe.  

Mike and Dan Moe of Laramie, WY.  Pioneers of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on the first recorded bicycle tour of the U.S. Continental Divide setting out 30 years ago today, June 24th, 1984.   Learn more:

25th Infantry, U.S. Army Bicycle Corps in Yellowstone 1896.

Horace Dall (1901-1986) of Luton, England made the inaugural overland journey through the Sprengisandur wilderness of Iceland by bicycle in 1933.  Along the way he kept a photo journal of his trials and tribulations with written descriptions on the backs of the photos.  One that seems to describe the journey well is,  “The first dayContinue Reading

From Salamander Cycles comes a cargo-specific fatbike.  A unique cargo-bike design I’ve not seen before.