Went out truck campin’ last night.  Arrived at dark, built a fire in the rain, sat in my chair sippin’ brews for a couple hours while the drizzle fell down.  Went to bed and woke before sunrise.  Took some pictures and went back to town in time for early breakfast at the Stockyard.  Good stuff all around.

Along Olsen Cr. Rd in the Bangtails
Along Olsen Cr. Rd in the Bangtails

5 responses to “Campin’”

  1. My friend Greg described this TR as “post-modern”. It is certainly short and sweet. And yes, I own quite a few ties but they rarely see the light of day.

  2. Reading and writing “conventional” trip reports is tedious. But if you can report on a trip without falling into traps of chronology and geography, innovation and creativity is possible. Well done.

  3. I posted this one to my personal blog rather than “Going Places Quietly” because although it was a camping related post I didn’t really think that driving my truck into the forest exactly qualified as “quiet”.

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