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Below is a collection of snowboarding media that I've collected over the years. The photos are stored in my snowboarding sets on Flickr. You an also find a set of unsorted images /here. My collection of snowboard videos I've shot/edited are all displayed below with a short description alongside each.


I started snowboarding on the hills of a Midwest golfcourse in Stillwater, Minnesota with my buddies in 1989. To us at that time, snowboarding meant going straight downhill toward a kicker and getting as much air as possible to a usually flat landing. Sometime around '93, mostly by the efforts of Matt L. and Mark S. we decided to learn how to actually carve our boards and not just sort of roughly turn them the way we had been. It was at that time that I gave up downhill skiing completely and my '89 Sims became my primary means of downhill travel.


Directory of unsorted images: /images
Snowboarding sets on Flickr

2011 Scrubfest

Scrubfest is an annual gathering of splitboarders (mostly from at Togwotee Pass, Wyoming. Footage is from both Togwotee Pass (East Angle, Two Ocean) as well as Grand Teton National Park (25 Short).

2010 Scrubfest

The 2010 Wyoming backcountry gathering of folks. Three days of making tracks on Togwotee Pass and at Grand Teton National Forest February 19 - 21st, 2010. This footage was shot February 21st, 2010 on "Maverick" in the Grand Tetons.

2010 Bridger Bowl

I dislike overuse of such words as "epic" and "sick" but there are just some days in which those words describe the conditions excellently. Sunday, January 24th, 2010 was just one of those days.

Sixteen inches of snow had fallen over the weekend and it continued to fall the entire day. Mike and Sam broke out the Flip MinoHD camera for some quick and dirty captures - - trying not to miss a beat in the hiking and riding pace they had going.

2x "Fourth Finger"
1x "Hidden Couloir" with traverse to "Northwest Passage"
1x "Colter's Crawl"
1x "Z-Chute"

Scrubfest 2009

The annual get together at Togwotee Pass, Wyoming. Three (or so) days of splitting, powder, and more powder.

Duluth Backcountry 2007

Henry and Sam hiking some backcountry lines in the woods around Duluth, MN. Henry is telemarking and Sam snowboarding. View the newspaper article in the Duluth News Tribune.

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Post Season - Duluth, MN

Damage of Duluth puts on a post-season rail jam at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN every May. The day after the event I stopped by to see what the conditions were like and found Luke there with board on feet and beer in hand. We shot the shit then he did some rails. Take a look and see.

White Grizzly Cat Adventures

In 2003, Matt, Mike and Sam took off for the powder triangle of British Columbia to ride the freshies of the Selkirk Mountains at White Grizzly Cat Adventures. This video is a re-edit from an original which just so happens to be available for download from the White Grizzly Web site.

Railroad Jump - Dilworth, MN

Matt, Sam and Tom sessioning "the railroad jump" located between Fargo, ND and Detroit Lakes, MN on Hwy 10. This video was shot by F.C. Budruss (deceased) in 1999 on Hi8 and was recently transferred to digital using super high-tech, space-age transfer technology (i.e. a digital camera pointed at a projection screen).

Gear List

My gearlist for a day trip into the backcountry. Actual brand/model of specific items may vary depending on location, weather, or season. This list can be viewed as a Google spreadsheet if so desired.