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My personal computer networking started with local peer-to-peer BBS usage on our Mac SE 30 and 1200 baud modem.


I first accessed the internet via telnet to the Univ. of Minnesota to exchange e-mail with Russian students.


Upon entry into college I created; my first e-mail address and Tolya's Mind; my first Web Site.


The Lovely Drew Barrymore, a tribute to a beautiful actress and model came to life and has since flourished spectacularly.


Fargochat attained it's newest member, samhhh rekindling a former love of the Internet Relay Chat.


The infamous was aborted unto e-society worldwide from the twisted nether regions of samh's mind.


Riding the dotcom wave of glory as an employee with Sundog Interactive.


After a haitus to the mountains of Montana entry back into the digital world occurred with employment at 50 Below Sales and Marketing.


The mountains called me back but the digital world won't let me go. Management of an online gear shop with allowed me to blend my two passions.


The mountains remain my home and the cellular reception grows wider allowing for connectivity deeper into the woods and to the top of the higher peaks. A blessing? A curse? Only time will tell.


After all these years a powerful Apple desktop ThinkpPad laptop is on my home desk but the unavoidable draw of the pocket computer and the ever-present entanglement of Google and Android keep me ever-connected.