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A nice blanket of snow has fallen over Bozeman and the #ridethruwinter season on my my trusty Surly Troll is on once again. 

My Surly Troll atop the Story Hills.

Via kinkylife.

The first photo taken of my Surly Pugsley during the build out, 2012. Photo © Scott Haraldson.

Pugsley at ten below zero.

Night ride on the Pugsley through the Bozeman trails freshly laden with snow.  

Sewed a framebag for my Pugsley today.

Doom’s Pugsley complete with shotgun holster. (via fatbikelife)

Asphalt and Corn: Biking and Skiing Strapping skis to bicycles and heading up the most popular mountain access road in Bozeman – Hyalite Canyon.  Read more…