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My bachelor party.  Northern Minnesota.  September 2013.  

“Slim”.  Photo by my brother, Scott Haraldson

“Stay Home”, a presentation proving that adventure doesn’t need to require passports and plane tickets.  All that is necessary is to walk out your door, hop on your bike, and head outside for the night.  The Surly blog presents bike camping at all the Minnesota State Parks.  Read more >>>

The beautiful mural outside the Loiselle Liquor store on 4th St, Duluth, MN.  Photo by samh, 2007.

My brother and ITheo Wirth trails, Minneapolis

December 2009 was the first time I spun the pedal of a fatbike. My brother borrowed one from a friend and one from Surly and we brapped ‘em for a night and a day – hooking me right then and there. Here’s Scott railing one of the Pugsleys

Hamms Beer, Duluth, Minnesota.

The Land of 10,000 Frozen LakesFat Tires, Snow Plows and a True Midwestern Winter Photo journalism piece by Duluth, Minnesota’s Hansi Johnson on fat-biking the Northwest Trail – that was back in the old days the main route of commerce route for both the Ojibway tribe and French fur trade between Lake Superior and the MississippiContinue Reading

I used to live and climb in Duluth, MN.  A rad little beta ‘zine came out while I was living there that is available as a .pdf online.  Check out Duluth’s Urban Cragger.  

Section 13, Superior Hiking Trail, ca. 2006