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  • Nice morning for a walk in the woods with my rifle.

  • Photo by y. ir Tyu-ll. Eskimo who visit tiik Akk-i-iTnik in Summer.  From “Sport and Travel in the Northland of Canada” (1904). 

  • “Wild Harvest” a short film documenting the need for the modern generation to embrace hunting as it relates our food supply. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

  • My grandfather hunted deer before I was old enough to fully grasp the concept but it was not an activity that my family practiced into my childhood.   This fall I became a hunter and I have written a thorough report of my experiences.  Read it at my outdoor blog Going Places Quietly >>>

  • In search of mule deer.  Northern Bridger Mountains, Montana, USA.

  • Forty-two hours in the woods.  Plenty of signs, but unfortunately no harvest.  

  • Basics for an off trail hunting scout. Binocular is at the ready in one half of the Hill People Gear chest rig and lesser used or emergency items are out of the way in the other.  

  • Going to sleep in the autumn and awaking in the winter.  A landscape changed overnight.

  • Deer season approaches and the high country must be scoured.  Working hard to put honest food on the table for my family.