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Patent drawing, Lloyd Nelson backpack (the first ever mass-produced external frame backpack).  Patent no. 1,505,661

George Ingle Finch, (1888 – 1970) was a chemist and mountaineer and known for creating the first down jacket for a 1922 Mount Everest Expedition.   “Is this your famous balloon jacket?” Finch glowered at me.  It was obvious that he’d endured too much teasing about that particular article of clothing.  "It’s the goose-down-filled outerContinue Reading

Catherine Robbins, Hilda Kurth, and Kathleen Norris were the first women to hike the entirety of the Long Trail. They covered 280 miles in 27 days.  From the University of Vermont Center for Digital Initiatives.

woanderlust: F.S. Smythe