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The GORUCK Challenge has turned five years old.  When did you do yours?  Or when ARE you going to do yours?  Now’s the time to make the commitment.   (Source:

GORUCK Selection 017, August 2015, Bozeman, Montana.  33 started but only one persevered through the 50+ miles and 48 hours of sleep and caloric depravation.

#TBT to GORUCK Challenge, Class 217 , July 28, 2012 in Bozeman, MT.

Today, the remaining four are heavily on my mind as the 24 hour mark ticks past.  Selection is not for everyone.

Twelve hours have passed.  17 of 82 candidates remain.  Selection is not for everyone. 

Shadowed the Bozeman GORUCK Challenge this weekend with Cadre Jason.  Got a few hours of sleep then participated in the Light the following day.  #goodlivin

packconfig: 2000 Landmark Submission: Sam, Project Manager for New Product Development at GORUCK. When we arrived at 2000 followers, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them to submit images of their packs for the blog. This submission comes from Sam (Blog: @samh) who works at GORUCK. Here’s what’s in his pack:Continue Reading