• Campin’

  • The GORUCK Challenge has turned five years old.  When did you do yours?  Or when ARE you going to do yours?  Now’s the time to make the commitment.   (Source: http://www.goruck.com/)

  • GORUCK Selection 017, August 2015, Bozeman, Montana.  33 started but only one persevered through the 50+ miles and 48 hours of sleep and caloric depravation.

  • #TBT to GORUCK Challenge, Class 217 , July 28, 2012 in Bozeman, MT.

  • Today, the remaining four are heavily on my mind as the 24 hour mark ticks past.  Selection is not for everyone.

  • Twelve hours have passed.  17 of 82 candidates remain.  Selection is not for everyone. 

  • Shadowed the Bozeman GORUCK Challenge this weekend with Cadre Jason.  Got a few hours of sleep then participated in the Light the following day.  #goodlivin

  • packconfig: 2000 Landmark Submission: Sam, Project Manager for New Product Development at GORUCK. When we arrived at 2000 followers, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them to submit images of their packs for the blog. This submission comes from Sam (Blog: @samh) who works at GORUCK. Here’s what’s in his pack:…