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The Future of La Grave

thelastchair: (Written by Alastair Instone – November 20, 2016) Many of you know La Grave – you’ve been there and experienced everything that is wild, crazy and weird about it. If you haven’t visited, here’s what you need to know about it: big mountain, big (old, slow) ski lift, 7,000’ vertical drop, no pistes, noContinue Reading

Thinking back to last Fall.  The early morning, pre-dawn starts.  Near zero temps.  Rifle in hand.  Pack on my back.  

Luc Mehl’s backcountry ski repair kit.  

“Elk Highway” photo by samh. (Source:

In the Castle Mountains, photo by friend. (Source:

Gretchen hiking nearing sunset during a late season elk hunt in the Castle Mountains.  Photo by samh. (Source:

The Phoenix

thelastchair: (Written by Isaac Walden/Junkshow Media House – November 5, 2015) The inspiration behind the idea was simple, a late night burn out operation around the town of Featherville, Idaho.  Waking up on the dirt, early one morning in a snowpark choked with smoke, a topographic map of the Trinity Ridge Fire with twisted contourContinue Reading

“GroupSunset” by Ben Masters From the film “Unbranded”, a documentary of four young cowboys who adopted, trained, and rode a string of wild mustangs 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada through the wildest terrain of the American West.

It’s almost time to be thinking about heading down to Beartooth Pass for some spring skiing again. Here was FJ62 at our camping spot last Spring

The Crazy Mountain Range, Montana, USA.