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  • whiskytrekker: From pitch 3 of Discovery (5.7 III), Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario. I took this back in 2004. #climb #hike #nature #preserve #conserve #resist

  • DER SPIEGEL’s February cover


  • The development of a road system was essential in making Yellowstone more accessible to the public. The private vehicles and park bus in this Haynes postcard are parked in front of the Canyon Camp main building (unknown date). NPS / Frank J Haynes

  • Mike at the Continental Divide, SW Montana.  July 2015.

  • Fuckin’ a’.

  • “Slim”.  Photo by my brother, Scott Haraldson

  • Hand signals for crane operation.

  • “And when you have that concoction under your belt, you’ve got something. Cold days become soft and balmy and mountain slopes as little hills.” – R.M. Patterson in his book “Trail to the Interior” regarding a proven porridge recipe. “I made a big cooking of it, and the prescription is as follows: to a fifty-fifty…

  • factoidlabs: So here’s how it is for me today, Jan. 1, the dawn of 2017: We’re gonna be okay. We’re going to grow closer, smarter and more loving together as Americans, and citizens of the world – even some of us who hate each other. We’re going to settle important problems with our government, with…