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My Relationship with Bikes

My first bicycle was Huffy BMX bought for me by my parents when I was a youngster. I really came into my own cycling-wise when I moved to Duluth, MN in 2006. I started doing all of my in-town travel via bicycle and even lived for a period without a car. I now have a good understanding of the meaningful balance between car and bike specific transportation needs and hope to continue this successfully and sustainabily into the future.

Table of Contents

Some of the Bicycles I've Owned
My DIY Longtail Cargo Bike the RecycleCycle
Moving by Bicycle
Practical Bicycling in Bozeman and Beyond
No Weld Bicycle Cargo Trailer
Alleycat Racing Bike Polo

Some of the Bicycles I've Owned

Below is a collection of photos representing a sampling of the bicycles I've owned over time.

Raleigh - M80

Specialized - Hardrock

Specialized - Rockhopper

Schwinn - Superior

Schwinn - Mesa Runner

Trek - 830

Gary Fischer - Aquila

Trek - 820 Antelope

Raleigh - Grand Prix

Homemade - RecycleCycle

Surly - Troll

Shogun - Prairie Breaker

Surly - Pugsley

Giant - Reign

Schwinn - Sierra

Moving by Bicycle

My fascination with bicycles as a means of transport reached it's height when I opted to move from one apartment to another using only a bicycle and bike trailer in 2008. It worked so well that I proceeded to do it twice more in following years. The first short video was shot by a friend and the second two I put together to document the process.

Moving a bed... with a bike - 2008

Moving by Bicycle - 2010

Practical Bicycling in Bozeman and Beyond

In May of 2014 I participated in the 11th PechaKucha Bozeman with my presentation of "Practical Bicycling in Bozeman and Beyond". The format for PechaKucha is the display of 20 photo slides for 20 seconds apiece. As a proponent of bicycles as a means of everyday transportation I felt it would be a worthy topic to share with the community.

Bozeman PechaKucka 11 - Practical Bicycling in Bozeman and Beyond

No Weld Bicycle Cargo Trailer

I stole/mirrored some excellent plans for a no-weld bicycle cargo trailer. See and read the no-weld bicycle cargo trailer plans.

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