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This is an old version of my website and all current backpacking, splitboarding, bicycling, and other related subject matter is compiled on my blog, “Going Places Quietly”. Check it out, and enjoy.

About Me

My name is Sam Haraldson and I was born into a camping family in Minnesota. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I fell in love with backpacking and then soon after, ultralight backpacking. I became quite a hiker and backpacker while working on a trail-maintenance crew in Glacier National Park, Montana. Spending so many days and nights in the backcountry provided me the realization that I am a hiker and I am a backpacker. I dream of the trail and it is in the forefront of most all my thoughts.


I kept trail journals on my two longest hikes and recorded those journals at Below are links to these:

Superior Hiking Trail – Journal at
Pacific Northwest Trail – Journal at


I have photos of my trips located in a couple locations, many of which are linked to via my trip reports here on this Web site.

Flickr – my photos on Flickr
Picasaweb – my photos on Picasaweb


Live simply so others may simply live.

- Gandhi